Monday, June 8, 2015

From Healing to Thriving...

Thrive Wellness is a healing arts practice specializing in Esalen Inspired Massage, Conscious Dance, and Healing Touch Partner Yoga.  

Drawing from research on the power of touch and meditation, our approach to wellness will nourish your body and inspire your life.

Experience your personal journey of reawakening to your inner resources for healing and living your fullest life. Nurture the unfolding of your most radiant, grounded, and authentic self.  From this place, it is not uncommon to find holistic wellness reaching new levels as relationships shift, stress decreases, and life is touched on all levels... the positive effects can extend boundlessly.

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Esalen Inspired Massage,  Conscious Dance,  & Healing Touch Partner Yoga

I bring over eighteen years of wellness and healing arts experience to my practice. I'm a licensed massage therapist with the Arizona Board of Massage Therapy, a graduate of the Desert Institute of Healing Arts with over 1000 hours of massage therapy training. I studied touch research through the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies, received Energywork certifications at the Healing Arts Connection, and am a Sixth Generation Reiki Master.  I facilitate Conscious Dance and mindful embodiment, and am a founding member of Arizona Conscious Dance. In 2012 I completed a Bachelors of Science in Sociology from Arizona State University, with an emphasis on interpersonal and developmental psychology. I'm a certified life coach with training through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and  I was trained by the founders of Attachment Parenting International as an Attached at the Heart facilitator.  I coach Early Childhood Parenting and Relationship Balance through my practice, Little Nest Coaching, LLC.

My goal is to support my clients on their unique journey of holistic self development and wellness.

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