"Touch is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  It is touch that connects us as humans. We touch to heal, renew, and nourish whole aliveness."

Experience massage as a moving meditation, a sanctuary for deep relaxation, and an exploration of mind, body, spirit, and heart reconnecting you with your inner resources for healing and thriving...

In quiet retreat, find yourself feeling deeply relaxed and reconnected. It is not unusual to hear, "That was the most amazing massage I've ever received!" Our sessions offer whole person intuitive touch to promote healing and wellness.

Pricing: Thrive Wellness is a personalized, unrushed private practice.  We offer a holistic experience with rates to make regular wellness care affordable.

2 hours $120
1 1/2 hours $90 (Recommended)
1 hour $60

Lessons in Massage Artistry: (Swedish and  Esalen Inspired Massage)

The ability to give amazing touch is in each of us! Learn the soothing art of massage in the comfort of a private lesson or series of lessons, for just you and your partner(s). These lessons are customized to your particular needs; focusing on quality of touch, creating a caring connection, and massage techniques to promote wellness and deep relaxation. Wonderful for significant others, caretakers, friends, and anyone simply wishing to learn more about massage! (Please note, these lessons are are intended as personal enrichment education only, not for credit.)

Offer the nurturing gift of massage to those you care about!  

$180 per lesson (lasting 2 1/2 hours)

Thrive Wellness, LLC
Carrie Smith-Hardee, Life Coach, Educator, LMT
By Appointment